Build You Base With Beef

Meet Our Amazing Team

The Build Your Base Program was created as a joint effort between the Sanford Sports Science Institute and the South Dakota Beef Industry Council. Both organizations are committed to empowering athletes and the communities that support them with evidence based strategies to improve athletic performance and health.

Sanford Sports Science Institute

The Sanford Sports Science Institute (SSSI) serves as a trusted resource and recognized leader in conducting research, assessing athletes, providing the educational information on safe and appropriate exercise, training, and sports participation, and developing guidelines and policies. The SSSI helps athletes stay healthy and achieve their goals by making research driven services and cutting-edge technology accessible. As a leader in sports science and sports medicine, the SSSI offers athletes and active individual’s lab-based and field-based nutrition, physiological, fitness, and biomechanical assessments to provide accurate and precise measurements of an athlete’s performance. The SSSI works with athletes of all levels to get them, and keep them, at the top of their game and is excited about the partnership to provide athletes with the appropriate educational information on correct training and proper eating with the South Dakota Beef Industry Council.  Learn More about SSSI.

South Dakota Beef Industry Council

The South Dakota Beef Industry Council (SDBIC) serves as a trusted resource and recognized leader within the beef industry; striving to continuously share accurate, evidence-based information about beef and the process of raising a safe, nutritious, high-quality beef product. The SDBIC works on behalf of South Dakota’s beef farmers and ranchers to ensure consumers are informed and feel connected to the beef community. They understand the value of protein in an athlete’s performance plan and regard beef as a natural, nutrient-rich, high quality protein containing all the essential amino acids. The council recognized the importance of protein consumption following exercise in maintaining a positive protein balance. The SDBIC is excited about the Build Your Base with Beef collaborative partnership with the Sanford Sports Science Institute. Providing athletes with the appropriate educational information on proper training and nutritional habits will help lead to a successful athletic experience and act as a building block towards a healthful lifestyle. Learn More about SDBIC

Suzy Geppert

Program Director

Suzy Geppert, Executive Director of the South Dakota Beef Industry Council, is responsible for management of staff, industry relations, consumer outreach, oversight and development of the South Dakota Beef Checkoff program.

Thayne Munce, PhD

Program Director

Dr. Munce specializes in athletic health and performance research and assessments. He researches concussion, thermoregulation and heat stress at the Sanford Sports Science Institute.

Holly Swee, RD

SDBIC Dietitian

Holly Swee, Director of Nutrition for the South Dakota Beef Industry Council, is responsible for recommending, developing, and implementing nutrition education programs and content that supports beef in a healthful lifestyle.

Lisa MacFadden, PhD

Director Engineering and Applied Sciences
Director Sanford Sports Science Institute

Dr. MacFadden is a leader in biomechanical engineering and sport science. She researches sports biomechanics, rehabilitation, and injury mechanics at the Sanford Sports Science Institute. Dr. MacFadden and her team also are responsible for the development of testing methods, tools and analyses that are utilized by Sanford POWER and Orthopedics and Sports Medicine to provide innovative solutions for our patients and athletes.

Mike Roussell, PhD

Nutrition Consultant

Dr. Mike is a nutrition consultant that specializes in transforming nutrition and sports science research to practical strategies that athletes of any age can put into action to improve health and performance.

Merretta Anderson

Program Coordinator

Merretta Anderson is the Program and Events Coordinator for the South Dakota Beef Industry Council and is responsible for various tasks ranging from program marketing to data collection and represents the organization at multiple events and activities.